At Green Mountain Presbyterian Church we celebrate worship every Sunday at 10am. Worship combines a formal liturgy with traditional and contemporary music that features our chancel choir, bell choir, an instrumentalist, soloist, or a musical group such as a string quartet or brass ensemble.


We welcome any style of dress, please dress comfortably. Our members vary in their attire: casual to business casual to a suit and tie/dress. You are welcome here no matter what you wear.


We celebrate many holidays throughout the year, not just the big ones. Some are celebrated here, and some are celebrated ecumenically with area churches.

You will find more information on our worship page (HERE).


As Christians we believe that giving is an expression of our faith. As our guest please do not feel an obligation to give. We are just glad you're worshiping with us.

What We Believe

Green Mountain Presbyterian Church strives to be an inclusive and non-judgmental community of faith. We realize that we are in different places in our spiritual journeys and are willing to accept and nurture each other while providing a place for those seeking a spiritual home. 

About Us - Who We Are & What We Believe — read it HERE.

Presbyterian beliefs are expressed in our denomination’s “Brief Statement of Faith”, adopted in 1983 - read it HERE.

Ways to Get Involved

Want to know what to do and how to get involved in the life of Green Mountain Presbyterian Church?

Here are some basic steps:

  1. Join us for worship: Everyone is welcome! Sundays at 10:00am.

  2. Introduce yourself: A greeter will meet you upon entering the church. Please introduce yourself.

  3. Friendship pads: Fill out as much information as you care to share on our friendship pads. They're great for helping us get to know you and, if interested, keep you informed about news and events.

  4. Ask questions: Our pastors and members are here to help. We are glad to have an opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

  5. Let us know how we can pray for you: Please don't hesitate to email the church office staff with prayer requests and concerns. Prayer requests can also be included on the friendship pad.

  6. Get involved: We encourage you to participate in the many opportunities for learning, service and fellowship that exist at GMPC.

Worship 10:00am Sundays

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