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Jane Walp and Pat Stromberg are retiring from representing GMPC on the Board of Kentucky Circle Village after over ten years of service. In the late 1950’s our downtown church, First Presbyterian Church, along with other churches, realized that their members were living longer than their finances could support and needed more affordable housing. Led by Merv and Bettie Craft from First Presbyterian Church, this group found property east of Colorado Blvd. on Kentucky Ave. upon which to build housing affordable to seniors. (First Presbyterian members moved to Green Mt.

Be sure to pick up your Palisade peaches if you pre-ordered a box. You may make out your check to GMPC with a note on the memo line for “peaches” and the money will go towards fresh water boreholes in Zimbabwe for schools and clinics.

Please stop by the signup table to see how you can participate in the Garage Sale, Greeting, and E-Blast and Prayer Chain.  You may also purchase your reloadable grocery cards there.

Thank You! to so many people who stepped up so quickly to volunteer for the Garage Sale – you’re wonderful, and we’re so grateful!


But we still have many open spots for both cashiers and the coffee cart baked goods sales – can you help??


Please stop by the table in the narthex to sign up for as many shifts as you can manage – we must get these jobs covered!


Dear Friends, 
             As we anticipate summer and things 'typically' slowing down a bit, it is a good time for us to keep the conversation going about Sabbath. Sabbath really is about taking an intentional period of time to slow things down, go at a different pace, do things differently, and to remember who we are and the one to whom we belong. We remember that God created Sabbath in the very order of creation, when even God rested on the seventh day and invited us to do the same. 


This is a 2nd Sunday so all your food, clothing and school supplies donations will be taken to the Action Center – and Thank You for your continued support and generosity!

Like to eat? Everyone buys groceries, so why not have some of your expenditures benefit GMPC? We sell $25 and $100 grocery cards for King Soopers and Safeway that can be reloaded for any amount at each store’s Customer Service counter.  GMPC receives 5% of what is reloaded on your cards. In the past 3½  years we’ve earned $13,605 for church operations expenses, so KEEP RELOADING!  Please stop in the narthex to buy reloadable grocery cards before or after church, and reload your card at the store often.

        A huge Thank You!

It’s just two weeks away - - - what are your favorite hymns that you’d like considered for our annual Hymn Sing Sunday on Aug. 27th?

In anticipation of pastor Gretchen's sermon series and her upcoming sabbatical we will offer weekly quotes that reflect the essence of the sabbath.