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 Zimbabwe Partnership Water Project  GMPC is committed to raising funds for boreholes for wells in our sister Presbytery in Zimbabwe, Africa. 

More than 5000 students in Jefferson County depend on The Action Center for school supplies to help them be successful in the class-room. The school supplies will be distributed to low-income families in early August. Please consider donating any of the supplies below by placing them in the wooden box in the Narthex during June, July and early August. We appreciate your donations! The Mission Commission


Dear Friends, This month we will celebrate Pentecost, which literally means 50th day and refers to 50 days after Easter when the Holy Spirit came upon the people with power. Originally, though, it was a Jewish feast day known as Shavuot, recalling the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai. On Pentecost we celebrate that the Spirit of God rested upon our ancestors long ago and continues to dwell in each of our lives.

Dear Friends, Many of you will read this newsletter as we move into Holy Week, that final week of remembrance of Jesus’ earthly life. We will journey with him - up and down the streets of Jerusalem, moving from his humble yet triumphant entry into the city through the throes and sorrows of his mock trial, beatings, and crucifixion, and ultimately to his tomb and the days of dark waiting.


What holds us during this time? What held Jesus through the torture, believing triumph would yet be?