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Dear Friends,


            As I feel the weather get a bit more chilly and feel that touch of crispness in the air I know that fall is just around the corner. Things are shifting not only in the weather but also in the life of our church too!  One of our members said to me recently something like, "Not that dreaded 'C' word!” - meaning Change


Will you please help our dedicated volunteer counters by writing your giving number on the memo line of your check and Do Not tape or  staple the envelope shut.  The flap will tuck in securely enough over either bills or checks, and tape greatly impedes the counters’ process.  They will appreciate your thought

Our annual Garage Sale began this past weekend, Aug. 26-27 and will continue this Friday & Saturday, Sept. 2-3.  Huge THANK YOU!s to everyone helping with this enormous challenge that helps fund purchase of our solar panels.

If you have furniture to donate to the Garage Sale and need help transporting it to the church please call Don Irwin at 303-986-3776 to arrange a pickup.  Please remember that we cannot accept baby cribs, strollers or car seats; computer-related items; TVs, VCRs or DVD players; hide-a-beds or mattresses/box springs; appliances; or tires


Dear Friends,              


     We are moving toward summer now, although I guess technically it is still a month away. For some reason once the temperatures reach the high 70's I think summer is here!       



Second Sunday when we support Coffee Sales to fund special music programs and donate food to The Action Center


The books for fall-winter Charity and Hope Circles women’s study groups are available at the signup table in the narthex. Please bring $9 cash or check for your book.  Charity Circle will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd  at 10:00am and Hope Circle on Monday, Sept. 12th at noon

Start collecting all those files, calendars, correspondence and papers that need secure destruction because GMPC is having a SHRED EVENT on Sept. 10th between 10am and noon in the parking lot.  Each paper ream-size box of materials will cost $7 but you’re welcome to bring your papers in any form of carrier: files, bags, box...